Sanibel Real Estate
Sanibel is a city in southwest Florida located on Sanibel Island in the Gulf of Mexico and just a short drive from Fort Myers. Sanibel’s beaches are famous for their pristine sands and abundance of shells that wash ashore from the Gulf of Mexico due to the island’s east-west orientation. Shelling is by far the most popular activity on Sanibel – you can’t walk a step on the beach without encountering the so-called “Sanibel Stoop” to look for shells. Enjoy a day of fishing, boating, and pure relaxation, this is a chance to get away from it all and a chance to reconnect with nature. Lighthouse Beach features a fishing pier, the 19th-century Sanibel Lighthouse, and a boardwalk that winds through marshes. The Causeway Beaches are a popular spot for water sports and have picnic in its picnic areas. The J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge takes up roughly half of the island. For assistance with your Sanibel real estate search, please contact one of Scuttina Signature Real Estate Group’s knowledgeable Realtors; we would be delighted to assist you in locating the ideal Sanibel homes for sale.

Sanibel Homes for Sale